Office and social container

16,999.00  (ex. TAX)

A container used to create a temporary office, cloakroom or social room.

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Office and social container

The office and social container is the most popular and most often used to create a temporary office space. The container has fully replaceable walls, so you can freely configure it and create rooms with unlimited space. Provides reliable protection against external conditions. The positioning of windows and doors depends on the copy.

This container can serve as an office, cloakroom or social room. It is necessary on all types of construction sites! Containers of this type can be combined and give each room a different purpose.

Equipment in the presented model includes:

  • electrics,
  • 2x lamps,
  • 2x electric socket,
  • window with roller blind
  • an electric heater

Additional information

Dimensions 605 × 245 × 250 cm
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